Watch Our Community Opera Online Now!

Over 18 months in 2017-18, Lister Community School worked in partnership with Newham Music to create an original opera that connected with real people in our community. ‘Full Circle’ is a relevant and modern opera, written entirely by the young people of Newham- their words, their music.

Throughout 2019 we worked with more partners, more schools, and LOTS more talented young people to bring Newham’s community opera to the Royal Albert Hall for the Music for Youth Proms 2019. We took over 800 young musicians to one of the most prestigious performance venues in the world, where they were the headline act! It took months of preparation, but it was all worth it to see how Newham’s young people impressed a huge audience and shared their hometown story. You can now watch the full performance here and learn about the making of this fantastic opera here.

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