Virtual Transition Week

We are very excited to welcome year 6 to our first ever Virtual Transition Week! While we cannot welcome year 6 students into the school building, we still have some great plans for them.

We would like these students to complete some very special challenges. Each faculty has made a range of exciting challenges for year 6 students to choose from, and they should try to complete one from each subject. You can find out more about the challenges that have been set in this booklet. We look forward to seeing evidence of these challenges and sharing them in this Community Update email next week!The booklet linked above also contains welcome messages from all of our Heads of House and useful information about joining our school community.You can also watch this video to show the students how much we are looking forward to meeting them when they join the school. Below are a few other useful resources:

We look forward to meeting year 6 students in person in September, but for now we wish them all the best for Virtual Transition Week.

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